In 2023, ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE de NEWPORT will offer four levels of learning French language and culture:

  • French 1 – Beginning French
  • French 2 – Intermediate French
  • French 3 – Advanced French
  • French 4 – Conversation Salon

Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced classes will be limited to 25 students in order to make them a rich learning experience. The Conversation Salon, intended for those with advanced conversation skills, will be limited to 15. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and will remain open until the classes are filled.


  • There are three levels of instruction in addition to the Conversation Salon: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. The second Intermediate session is now called Advanced. This is to clarify the progression from one class to the next. 
  • The order and times of the classes have changed. On Tuesday nights, Intermediate will begin first, at 5:30, followed by Beginning at 7:00.
  • On Wednesday nights, Advanced will convene at 6:00.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday classes will be held at Room 203 in the O’Hare Academic Center of Salve Regina University (subject to change based on Salve’s requirements).
  • On Thursday nights, the Conversation Salon will begin as 6:00 and initially convene at the instructor’s house at: 527 Green Hill Beach Road, Wakefield, RI.  (the location may vary during the semester). 
  • Classes will begin on January 17-18-19. The last class will be held on April 25-26-27
  • There will be no classes the week of March 14-15-16 and April 11-12-13. 
  • No text book is required. Your instructor will suggest materials for further study.
  • If you find you are not in the right course, you can transfer to a more advance or basic course better suited to your level of skills. If there is room, you may, with the instructor’s permission, audit the next level.
  • Don’t feel intimidated! There are no tests or grades! Just the satisfaction of speaking French!

Students must be members of the Alliance Française de Newport for the current fiscal year. Here is the link to the Membership Signup Page.

The fees for classes are as follows:

French 1 – Beginning French – $100

French 2 – Intermediate French – $100

French 3 – Advanced French – $100.

French 4 – The Conversation Salon – $50.

Here are the links to enroll in the appropriate classes for 2023:

Beginning French (French 1)

Instructor: Daniel Kerlock
Looking to get started in a new foreign language? Limited to true beginners and those with very little background and vocabulary, you will truly begin at the most rudimentary level.

Intermediate French (French 2)

Instructor: Daniel Kerlock
This course is a continuation of the language for those who have taken beginning French before, for those who have been away from the language for some time, or those who are a bit more advanced but wish to keep strengthening their skills.  

Intermediate + (French 3)

Instructor: Steven Apostolov
The class is intended for students who have taken Intermediate (French 2) and are looking to consolidate and expand their knowledge of French language and culture. The class may include assigned readings and exercises to build new vocabulary. The goal of the class is to prepare French learners who already possess a good grammatical knowledge to use it spontaneously and feel comfortable joining the Conversation Salon – French 4,  or a French book club.

Salon Conversation (French 4)

Instructor: Laurel Lefebvre
The Conversation Salon is a conversation group, usually over a glass of wine, with no textbook or set agenda. These meetings will be conducted entirely in French. Each student may be expected to converse on a subject assigned in advance.