In the Spring of 2020, the Alliance Française of Newport will offer three opportunities for learning about French language and culture: Beginning French, Intermediate French and “The Salon,” a special Advanced Conversation Group.  Please note that the structure of the classes has changed, and is detailed below. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration will open December 30th 2019 at 8:00am and will continue until the classes are full.

Beginning and Intermediate Classes will begin on Tuesday, January 28th and end on Tuesday, April 25th.

The Advanced Conversation Group will begin on Thursday, January 30th and end on Thursday, April 27th.

Classes will be taught by Salve Professor, Dean de la Motte, Ph.D., Professor of French and Comparative Literature. Beginning and Intermediate Class size is limited to 25 students. The Advanced Conversation Group will be limited to 15.

All students need to be members of the Alliance Française of Newport. Here is the link to the Membership Signup Page.

The fee for both Beginning French and Intermediate French is $100.
The fee for The Salon – Advanced Conversation Group is $50.
(A basic AFN Membership $45 is required of all students and will extend through August 31, 2020. Those who took classes in the Fall semester of 2019 DO NOT need to join the Alliance again!)

Beginning French

This course is for beginners and will continue the student’s development from the foundation taught in the Fall semester of 2019.  Students who have already taken two or more semesters of beginning French with the Alliance Française de Newport should not register for this, but should instead register for Intermediate French.  If you are a true beginner who did not take the class in the Fall semester contact Dr. de la Motte at for more information.

Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings from 5-6 pm, at Salve Regina University. Classroom location will be announced.

The Textbook is Practice Makes Perfect: Basic French (Second Premium Edition), by Eliane Kurbegov. Publisher: McGraw Hill.

Intermediate French

This course is for students who already possess significant exposure to introductory French pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.  Students who have taken two or more semesters of beginning French with the AFN are to register for this course.  

We will be focusing on more complex vocabulary and structures, including idioms, the future, and the passé composévs. the imparfait.  Some students from previous intermediate courses, who are not very comfortable with their level of ability, are more than welcome to register. On the other hand, those who have taken the intermédiaire class for several years, and who speak French comfortably, should register for the Advanced Conversation Group and not for this class. 

Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30pm at Salve Regina University. Classroom location will be announced.

Two textbooks will be used for this course.
They are both by Eliane Kurbegov. Publisher McGraw Hill
Practice Makes Perfect: Intermediate Grammar (First Edition)
French Conversation (Premium Second Edition)

Salon Conversation (Advanced French)

We imagine this group to be 15 students, and a kind of moveable feast.  The first meeting will be at the instructor/facilitator’s house for wine and cheese, and we will meet in following weeks at other people’s homes, or at restaurants, cafés, or bars, or elsewhere, as we determine appropriate.

The group will meet on Thursday evenings at 7pm.  Members of the group will take ownership over the content of our conversations; the “instructor” will be there simply to facilitate, answer questions, and correct errors.  There will be no formal text.

The first meeting, on Thursday, January 30th will be held at the home of the instructor/facilitator. Please note: These meetings will be conducted entirely in French!