With all this “down” time I thought it might be a good time to bolster our offerings on the website.  This is the first of those offerings. Let’s use our collective knowledge of the internet and things French to create a “clearing house” of French themed information for our members and anyone else’s benefit.

Hopefully this page (or series of pages) can become a valued “first stop” for sources of French-language or French-themed websites where members are able to find sources of information on topics as varied as “French wines” to “The History of French Automobiles.” To become such a source it relies upon you, our members, to provide insight and information about other sites not yet included here, that you have found enjoyable or informative. I know there will be many, please forward me the URL or the link and I will add them to this page for the benefit of us all. This page will continue to grow for as long as I can use it as a distraction from other necessary jobs around the house!

Qualifications for Inclusion/Exclusion:

The websites/webpages need not be French language to be included

The websites can deal with any subject that is France, Francophonie or French-language related

Any sites with adult language or themes should be noted as such

Any inherently offensive (in my opinion) pages will not be suitable for inclusion

Initially I have decided to segment this page into the following categories:

French Media and Press

French Language assistance including French Apps

French / Belgian Geography, Culture and History

French cultural and government sites in the United States

French Arts including:

Online Books

These groups will likely grow and change and each will probably become a page in its own right as the inventory of websites grows. Each of these links should be live and should take you directly to the website. Please let me know if that isn’t the case.

French Media/Press

France 24  World News from a French perspective available in French, English, or Arabic.

TV5 Offers globally regional oriented coverage

RadioFrance: A broad variety of listening options.

BFMTV: A channel with TV and radio options

Le Monde: France’s most respected broadsheet newspaper

L’Equipe:  This is THE sports newspaper source

French cultural and government sites in the United States

Alliance Francaise de Providence:

Alliance Francaise USA:

French Consul General’s Office in Boston:

Honorary French Consulate in Providence:

The Embassy of France in the United States:

French Arts

French Movies on Youtube: Here are the links to several French language movies that are available for FREE on Youtube.

Family friendly French language movies online: If your kids are bored or if you want some Family-friendly movies to watch, here are several options.

French Photographers: A blog that provides biographies of their 10 best French photographers of all time.

Online Books

La Maison Vide by Sir Athur Conan Doyle (Submitted by Marjie Johnston)