French Media/Press

France 24  World News from a French perspective available in French, English, or Arabic.

TV5 Offers globally regional oriented coverage

RadioFrance: A broad variety of listening options.

BFMTV: A channel with TV and radio options

Le Monde: France’s most respected broadsheet newspaper

L’Equipe:  This is THE sports newspaper sourceMedia,

French Movies online

French Movies on Youtube: Here are the links to several French language movies that are available for FREE on Youtube.

Family friendly French language movies online: If your kids are bored or if you want some Family-friendly movies to watch, here are several options.

Streaming of French movies and TV shows has become more popular as the technology has become more prevalent.  Each of the services has a good selection of French language shows/movies.  Here are some general articles and suggestions for movies and TV shows on Netflix:

10 Netflix shows to learn French

The 12 best French Movies on Netflix

French TV Shows on Netflix

How to watch Netflix in a foreign language

The 10 Best French Movies on Netflix for French Learners

Seven French Series on Netflix

Our own Professor Dean de la Motte has watched some if not all of the following series:


Marseilles, political drama (2 seasons)

Call My Agent, comedy (3 seasons)

The Bonfire of Destiny, historical drama (1 season)

Marianne, horror (1 season)

Amazon Prime

Engrenages (Spiral), police drama (6 seasons)

Un Village françois, historical drama (7 seasons)

Murder in…, crime drama, each in a different city or region of France (5 seasons); recommended by Member Jeff Stone