There is so much material on the internet that details the world of French popular music from This page was created in response to Mary Jane Murphy’s contribution provided here below:

A sample of French Blues

My knowledge of French music on the web is minimal but the net is a great place where you can find all sorts of things; David Bowie’s “Heroes” in French sung by Bowie?

Yes. Right here; along with several other British artists singing in French

Another selection of English/American artists singing in French

has some overlap but also includes Michael Jackson, Debbie Harry and Eartha Kitt

10 French Musicians Everyone Needs to Know

Now this one is very cool:

Some well known and some not so well known French language covers of some well known and some not so well known English language songs

Includes Jonny Hallyday covering Jimi Hendrix, Eileen covering Nancy Sinatra, and Joe Dassin covering Jason Crest (who?)