French Language Assistance including mobile apps

TV5monde: The TV station presents a whole section dedicated to discovering, learning, teaching, and playing with the French language.

Le Français avec Pierre: If you’ve taken a French language class with Dr. de la Motte you have already met Pierre and Noemi, the French language teachers whose Youtube channel provides a comprehensive and engaging series of French language classes.

Reverso: An online translator for those of us who want to make brief speeches in French but who really don’t know how to do it!

The News In Slow French podcast: A subscription service that will greatly improve and broaden your vocabulary to include treatment of all current affairs in France and worldwide.

Duolingo:  Language learning website that also has a mobile app

Babbel:  Language learning website that also has a mobile app

Google Translate:

McGraw Hill Language Lab: Particularly useful if you are in either the beginning or intermediate classes this spring as the content on this page follows the content of the text books.