AFUSA One Film One Foundation 2021 Rêves de jeunesse. Streaming from December 5th through December 19th


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Enjoy streaming the AFUSA One Film One Federation selection for 2021; Rêves de jeunesse:

The selection for 2021 is Rêves de jeunesse (As Happy as Possible). Salome (Salomé Richard), a young, rather stoical woman on the cusp of 30, has landed a summer job as a temporary caretaker. Initially, she was supposed to live in off-site housing belonging to the owners, but when they promptly disappear after her first night, she’s forced to squat in an abandoned van parked at the dump.
The film rallies around the word “possible” in the English translation of the title – As Happy as Possible. Rêves de Jeunesse reveals both the limits society places on its young and the possibilities that young people try to create for themselves in a world that currently does not offer many choices.
This movie streaming is available ONLY to members of the Alliance Francaise of Newport but can be viewed by guests of those members who have registered for the stream.
The movie will be available for streaming from December 5th to December 19th but I respectfully require that you register for the streaming link and password by December 4th.