French 2 – Intermediate


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This course is a continuation of the language for those who have taken beginning French before, and is also open to those who are a bit more advanced and wish to keep strengthening their skills. Please note: due to the simplified approach taken during this pandemic, as well as the need to provide a place for those who are just moving past the beginning stage of their studies, this will be a true intermediate course, including a review of basic French in the early weeks of fall semester. More advanced students who are primarily interested in conversation may wish to consider le Salon on Thursday nights instead of this course.
Here are the details:
·       Class will be on Tuesday nights from 7 to 8 pm
·       The Intermediate class will use the Living Language French: Intermediate textbook (though of course you should feel free to use the beginning text for review as well!).
.       If you participated in the Alliance Francaise Beginning or Intermediate class for the Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 semester and you KEPT the books you purchased for that semester you should already have the necessary textbook for this class.

To register for the Intermediate French Class ALL students must be members of the Alliance Francaise de Newport. Membership costs as little as $45 (less for full-time students).