Introduction to French – The Language Class for Beginners


French Language Classes for Beginners.All students registering for this class for the Fall semester must also join the Alliance Francaise of Newport.  Memberships start at $45 for the year and will provide member benefits through August 31st 2022.

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The Introduction to French – The Language Class for Beginners is meant for True Beginners. Students who have had more than two semesters at the beginning level should not take this class as we will begin at the most rudimentary level.
Here are the details:
·       Class will be on Tuesday nights from 5:30PM-6:30PM
·       The Beginning class will use the Living Language French: Beginner textbook.  The syllabus will be distributed prior to the first class.
.       If you participated in the Alliance Francaise Beginners or Intermediate class for the Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 semester and you KEPT the books you purchased for that semester you should already have the necessary textbook for this class.
To register for the Beginning French Class ALL students must be members of the Alliance Francaise de Newport. Membership costs as little as $45 (less for full-time students).
The cost of the Beginning classes is $100 for the semester

Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings from 5:30-6:30pm.

It is anticipated that these classes will be Google Classroom based.  Google Classroom is an online app/website that offers students the best of the zoom meeting capability but also functionality that offers a more complete online classroom experience.

FOR ANY NEW STUDENTS – Beginning Textbooks

All beginning and intermediate students are to purchase to Living Language: French bundle (here is the link to Amazon: This boxed set includes three volumes and nine CDs, and is currently priced at a very reasonable $28.27. You may also access the free online flashcards at:  This set of texts will be used for the entire year, and perhaps we will use it next year as well. The books have been chosen for their high quality, simplicity, and low cost.